If you operate a company that manufactures cannabis edibles, or you’re interested in entering the growing cannabis industry, you may have heard of “GMPs.” In this blog, we’ll define GMPs for cannabis, talk about why they matter, and, most importantly, explain why they’re essential for making cannabis products.

What Are GMPs?

GMPs, or “good manufacturing practices,” are used as the basis for inspections by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. GMPs are the minimum requirements that food processing companies use to make safe food.

For example, GMPs require food production facilities to meet a certain level of hygiene, control environmental conditions properly, train workers in food safety, store raw materials and food products in appropriate conditions, and so on.

Why Do GMP Standards Exist?

GMP standards exist to regulate the methods, facilities, equipment, and controls used to make processed food products safely. Having a consistent standard to reach for minimizes the risks involved in producing food for human consumption. Implementing GMP standards will result in a better quality and more consistent final product.

The FDA conducts periodic inspections and requires a trained PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) to ensure that all the necessary processes are in place to ensure the safety of the finished product.

Why Your Cannabis Products Need to Meet GMPs

Cannabis products are federally illegal, so GMPs for cannabis are not consistently implemented by edible manufacturers. State and local governments handle this oversight.

But this does not mean that your cannabis products shouldn’t meet GMPs. GMP standards can help you guarantee that you’re creating high-quality products, which in turn limits liability and reduce the likelihood of costly product recalls.

You’ll also be providing customers with better cannabis edibles. Following GMPs can also help you maintain documentation and records that will assist you as you prepare for inspections, audits, and other future safety checks that may be required at your facility.

Finally, marijuana will likely become legal at the federal level in the near future. At that time, the FDA will almost certainly be responsible for regulating the production of cannabis edibles and other related products. So following GMPs at your facility now will dramatically reduce the amount of work required once the FDA begins overseeing the production of marijuana products.

How Can ImEPIK Help?

We offer PCQI-compliant food safety training courses at ImEPIK, as well as a Cannabis Edibles Safety Course©, specifically designed for companies that produce edibles in states with legal recreational and/or medical marijuana.

Our fully online courses are convenient, engaging, and informative – and can help your company develop and practice your GMPs, and prepare for any future federal regulation of cannabis edibles.

In addition, our food safety training helps ensure that your products are safe for consumption and protects your company’s reputation. This all adds up to better products, a more effective production process, and more satisfied customers!

Contact ImEPIK Today to Get The Training Your Team Needs

At ImEPIK, we offer the food safety training that edible manufacturers need to meet GMPs, train their workers on effective food safety practices, and prepare for the regulation of cannabis edibles. Our PCQI training and Cannabis Edibles Safety Course© will help you and your team prepare for the future of cannabis food safety.

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