ImEPIK, a market-driven, and research-based online training company, facilitates 100% online cannabis edibles and food safety training for manufacturers across the globe. With an emphasis on accessible and innovative training, ImEPIK’s courses cover food safety best practices and compliance for operations in U.S. states where cannabis and hemp are fully legal.


To create market-driven and research-based training for cannabis edibles and food manufacturers to ensure FDA and state rule compliance, promote best practices, and encourage a strong food safety culture.


ImEPIK will be the global leader in online food safety learning by providing workers’ the knowledge and applied skills needed to be successful in complying with food safety regulations and best practices.

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What Differentiates Us?

We provide engaging and applicable research-based training and support to promote and foster student success and workforce training globally through innovative technology.

By providing a unique learning experience that allows you to learn at your pace, ImEPIK assists you in accomplishing your goals both personally and professionally. ImEPIK offers you the opportunity of “Learning at the Speed of Life.”