If you’re a recent graduate interested in joining the growing cannabis industry, there are a few things you may want to know as you try to break into the field. Get the insights and tips you need below, and see which qualities may help you land jobs in cannabis.

  1. Expand Your Knowledge – Study the Field as Much as You Can

Just like any other industry, knowledge of the field is key. You can’t expect to get a job in cannabis unless you know a few things about the industry. Study the industry’s terms, laws, and regulations, in addition to how cannabis products are made and used.

There are lots of online resources you can reference to learn the basics of the business of cannabis. Do as much self-study as you can to make yourself a more appealing employee.

  1. Be Versatile – Try Different Roles and Look for Diverse Opportunities

Can’t get a job in the cannabis supply chain, despite your degree in Supply Chain Management? Try working in a dispensary or a processing facility plant. There are many different roles and opportunities in the cannabis industry, and they all have unique responsibilities and require specific knowledge.

If you’re working toward a particular goal – a specific job – it’s a good idea to explore other roles in the cannabis industry, too, even if they’re not directly related. Hands-on experience with cannabis is always a good thing when looking for work in the industry, though it’s not required.

  1. Be Patient – Cannabis is a Tough Industry

Cannabis is not a “get rich quick” industry, and it changes rapidly. It takes time to get your cannabis business or career up and running. But it’s important not to cut corners. Take your time, be patient, and always be on the lookout for jobs in cannabis.

  1. Invest in Training – Prove Your Expertise

Many universities and colleges offer courses and degree programs in cannabis science. Certifications for training in medical cannabis, extraction, food safety, and edible processing, and lab analysis can be helpful if you’re interested in a particular role in the cannabis industry. You can also take online industry-based training – like that offered by ImEPIK – to put you ahead of other job candidates.

  1. Be Confident and Friendly – Grow Your Business Network

Spend time improving your people skills, and always be confident, friendly, and humble when speaking to others in the industry. The cannabis industry is full of professionals from many walks of life and getting to know people professionally is key. Your professional prospects will be better, the more connections you make.

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