ORLANDO, FLORIDA, FEB. 09, 2021 — As the demand for cannabis-infused edibles continues to grow, producers who put the quality and safety of their products above all will be the most successful. To support these responsible edibles producers, ImEPIK has released the Cannabis Edibles Safety Course©.

“The new cannabis course offers interactive food safety training for those making cannabis-infused edibles and must adhere to GMPs,” said Jill Droge, ImEPIK’s Chief Creative and Business Development Officer. “Cannabis edibles aren’t federally regulated yet, but those who take this course will be ahead of the competition when it happens.”

The course consists of two levels:

Level I: GMPs and the Pyramid of Edible Safety covers the fundamentals of edible production. Essential safety concepts like GMPs and SOPs are explained, and the Pyramid of Edible Safety is introduced. This cannabis training course is for employees with titles such as technician or specialist.

Level II: The Edible Safety Plan dives deeper into hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls for processing, sanitation, allergens and the supply chain during production. How to prevent product contamination is covered using real edibles production scenarios. This course also contains the Level I content, and is for employees with titles such as manager, supervisor or director.

“The cannabis industry has embraced the effectiveness of online training, as every company must attain regulatory compliance and be GMP audit ready,” said Kathryn Birmingham, Ph.D. ImEPIK’s Chief Operating Officer.  “ImEPIK’s 100% online cannabis edible course provides the both the competencies and certificate needed by the industry today and into the future.”

ImEPIK is a market-driven, research-based online training company that creates 100% online, self-paced food safety training for global food manufacturers. To find out more about our courses for cannabis edibles, go to https://imepikcannabissafety.com.