Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMPs for short, are an essential basis for FDA inspections. They are used to regulate the methods, equipment, facilities, and controls used to produce processed food – and serve as the minimum requirements for making safe food products. Although the FDA currently does not engage in any oversight of cannabis because it isn’t federally legal, that doesn’t mean that cannabis edible manufacturers can ignore GMPs. More states are legalizing marijuana every year – and it’s probably only a matter of time before cannabis regulations change, too. Why bother? Here are five reasons from ImEPIK.

  1. Cannabis Legalization is Possible in the Near Future

With the recent introduction of the MORE Act, cannabis legalization may come up for a vote at the national level for the first time. Recent changes in the presidential administration also mean it’s more likely that, if passed, the MORE Act would be signed into law.

Nationwide cannabis legalization is closer than ever to becoming a reality, which means cannabis regulations won’t be far behind. Many individual states are legalizing it for recreational and medical use, so you’ll need to be prepared for when cannabis becomes legal nationwide.

  1. The FDA Will Likely be Responsible for Enforcing Federal Standards After Legalization

The FDA is responsible for regulating food and drugs, and cannabis edibles are technically both, so the FDA is expected to enforce production, labeling, packaging, and safety standards throughout the industry.

While it’s impossible to predict what the exact cannabis regulations will look like, they will almost certainly be based on Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMPs, for food production. Implementing GMPS at your facility now will help you prepare and give consumers more confidence in your products.

  1. GMPs Prepare You for Stricter Testing and Sampling

The FDA is likely to implement more strict testing and sampling criteria when it regulates cannabis edibles, especially since some states that allow recreational and medical cannabis have relatively lax requirements.

Cannabis edibles manufacturers must be ready to meet GMP guidelines. Edibles producers should also implement review and audit systems to ensure consistent product quality and safe, effective products.

  1. You Can Maintain Proper Documentation and Record-Keeping

When your first inspection happens, your records will need to be in order – and adopting GMPs wherever possible will help you prepare for this process. While state inspections provide a similar experience, they are not the same as a federal inspection. Ensure that you keep your documentation organized enough to allow you to find the information you need about various facility aspects at any time.

  1. You’ll Have a Properly Trained Staff That Can Pass FDA Inspections

Whether you train now or later, you’ll eventually have to train your staff on the proper procedures so that they are ready to pass an FDA inspection. By training your staff on GMPs now, you’ll get a jump on the competition – and your team members can use their knowledge to start improving product quality immediately.

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