Food safety regulations are essential for protecting consumers and are applicable to any edible product including cannabis edibles, CBD tinctures, and more. Let’s take a look at the current State of Florida cannabis regulations and how food safety guidelines apply in this industry.

Medical Cannabis Products Have Been Legal in Florida Since 2016

In 2016, the people of Florida voted to allow legal marijuana for a select number of health conditions, like MS (Multiple Sclerosis), PTSD, epilepsy, and a few others. Those who meet these requirements may get a medical marijuana card if cannabis is prescribed by a doctor, and they can purchase cannabis products from MMTCs (Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers).

CBD is also allowed in Florida, as it is in all other US states, but recreational marijuana use is not legal, despite recent pushes for legalization. Possession of cannabis without a medical card is fully punishable by law.

More People Than Ever are Picking Edibles as Their Medicine of Choice

As medical marijuana has grown in popularity, so has the prevalence of marijuana edibles like gummies, brownies, cookies, and other foods as a delivery method for cannabis. Smoking cannabis, which has been the prevalent method of use for decades, is irritating to the throat and lungs, and it could even be carcinogenic and contribute to lung cancer, similarly to cigarettes.

Edibles are an easier, simpler, and less messy way to get a prescribed amount of cannabis into the system, which is why they’ve surged in popularity in the last decade. Edibles represented 20% of sales at dispensaries right before the pandemic began in 2020. That’s  huge growth when compared to recent years.

Edible Producers Need to Meet Food Safety Regulations

Food safety regulations are of utmost importance in any industry creating any type of food – and this includes producers of cannabis-infused edibles. These products may be medicinal in nature, but are still classified as food products, and should be produced and created under frameworks from regulatory authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Standards like GMPs, proper line sanitation, allergen controls, supply chain controls, quality testing, and other methods of testing food safety must be used by any company producing edibles for sale in Florida.

Not only does this prevent potential liability issues and ensure product safety, but it also helps build trust in cannabis products, which is essential as more states begin to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana. By following the same standards as other food producers, cannabis companies can develop a better reputation, and encourage the adoption of less restrictive cannabis laws elsewhere in the country.

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