Fuel Cannabis Compliance with Cannabis Safety Training

Dive into the heart of GMPs and HACCP for cannabis compliance with ImEPIK’s renowned Training.

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Master Cannabis Compliance with
ImEPIK’s Cannabis Courses

Levels I and II of ImEPIK’s Cannabis Edibles Safety Course were meticulously curated to harness the potential of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), HACCP, and preventive controls specific to your cannabis edibles operation.

  • Level I – GMPs and the Pyramid of Edible Safety helps cannabis professionals understand GMPs and the integrated principles behind the Pyramid of Edible Safety. These essential elements will guide your team toward building a robust framework for safe and high-quality cannabis edibles.
  • Level II – Edible Safety Plan includes a dive deep into developing and implementing effective Edible Safety Plans, protecting your products and your customers. Learn to identify risks, establish controls, and maintain product integrity throughout manufacturing.

With our sale, anyone in your organization can access the course for up to four months.

ImEPIK’s Unique Approach

  • Practical Learning: ImEPIK bridges theory with real-world implementation, ensuring you’re ready to apply food safety best practices in your company.
  • Savings in Time and Costs: ImEPIK’s online platform saves you travel costs and allows learning at your convenience on any device.
  • Accessible Everywhere: Whether on mobile or tablet, our courses adapt to your preferences, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
  • Interactive Engagement: ImEPIK’s courses utilize interactive online project-based activities to simulate actual work environments.
  • More than Competence: Our competency-based assessment ensures you’re well-equipped for food safety challenges.
  • Valuable Certificates: Earn your training certificate to showcase your competence and commitment to cannabis edibles safety.

Join the ImEPIK Experience

ImEPIK’s commitment is to your success. Our research-based training, coupled with practical insights, creates an unparalleled learning journey – and now your entire organization can benefit for just $6,600.

Through flexible, accessible, and interactive education, your company will master the art of cannabis safety compliance.

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